Wednesday, July 25, 2007


OK this is just to help me to remember. There will be photos soon. Since the Roomba we have had 2 baby doves, both doing well and tonight we picked up from Mt Gravatt 2 possums (A mother with baby in pouch and her older baby) We have also had a Lorikeet that has unfortunately died and a Pale Headed Rosella.
Today I almost had a Peace full Dove but it had extensive infections and had to be euthenaised.

Sorry guys for the dribble... I'm just trying to keep up. Stay tuned for the pics of some of these animals.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Introducing our new Baby

This is our new baby. We haven't got a name for her yet, but she is a big help around the house. I can now vaccume and have a cup of tea at the same time. We just love her.

Don't you just love her.
Stay tuned for the baby chickens!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ok so here are some pics of Morgan's babies. We only had them for a night but could not resist photographing them.

This is a spotted python. He is so sweet

Here he is again, dont you just love the rainbow colours.

This is a baby Bearded Dragon. Aint he cute?

He even looks good in Black and White.

OHH so sweet.
Hope you liked them. Stay tuned for the Chicks and the New Baby!!
Greetings all,
Sorry it has been so long since my last post.
I don't have any new photos to post yet as Blake has his camera, but here is some news.

We have baby chickens! Yes thats right more animals. I have always wanted chickens and the idea of fresh eggs in the morning is very appealing. They are all girls and they are called Zoe, Kayley and Inara. They are beautiful.

On Monday Hazel and I, with the help of Rose, held a stall at the opening of Bingara, an Aboriginal week long festival. We were given a stall by Robbie, the man who is now the first Aboriginal council member.

The stall was fantastic, we received lots of donations and were able to give many people advice on how to care for the wildlife in their area. Many people were interested in what we do and extremely surprised that we receive no government help. We were able to teach them heaps and hopefully they will tell others about what to do.

I took Wheels in to play and she was the star of the day. We had newspaper photographers and News cameras pointed at her all day. When I took her for a walk she was greeted by people saying "Hello there Wheels" even though I had never met them. Word spread pretty quickly that there was a beautiful Cockatoo in the wildlife stall and we were greeted by patrons of the day and office folk just coming in to see her.
The only downfall for the day was that it was freezing and windy. We could not escape the wind and Hazel and I have never been so cold. I did not stop shivering all day, I was even wearing a table cloth to try and keep warm. The people in the coffee shop looked after us though, they loved Wheels so much that they gave us free coffee. Oh and just to winge, parking cost me $40!! wow that was a hit to the donation tin.

I have recently decided to sell some of my photos on ebay for the group. Gemma this is where I may need your help in printing costs etc. I think it will be quite good.

Finally I would like to tell you that Troy and I have not only bought 3 chickens, we have also spent a fortune on our lovely new pet, Barbara. We haven't decided if it is male or female yet but the name seemed to fit. She/He is beautiful and I will tell you more about it when I have some photos. te he he.

Well thats it for now
Take care everyone and hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Fishies

Well here are the fish...just the Marine Tank though, still got the Fresh Water tank to photograph.

On a sad note, Dash had to go to heaven today. I will miss him heaps. He was just so sweet. Never thought I could get so attached to a darn Pigeon.

Well enjoy the Fishies

Here is Scorpy. He is very cute but very hard to feed.

Perry. He is so smart that he mimics all the other fishs' eating habbits. He is very sociable and oh so handsome.

Kimba the Whit Lion Fish. She is very beautiful. Always swims up-side-down after she eats.

Jan Itor. Stunning colours and very sweet. He and Perry are good mates.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Welcome Xander

A Big welcome to Xander. He is one of the beasties that we inherited. He is a Blue Tounge Skink that got hit by a car about a year ago. He is very placid but isn't eating as well as we would like. He is releasable and will leave us in Summer along with Mr Turtle.
I looked up our little new bird, which is named "Dash" on the net and im affraid to say that he is indeed a Pigeon. I still love him and enjoy raising him. His breathing is back to normal and he has a clean bill of health. Yay for me. Troy even had a go at feeding him. He is now about 14 days old. I will keep you all updated on his progress.

Any way enough dribble... Here is our beautiful Xander

You can see here the scar on his head from his accident.

Im telling him that he has to eat or ill eat

The only shot of many where we captured his tounge.

He loves to be stroked on the back.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our Newbie

Our latest addition. Not sure exactily what this little guy is. We susspect a dove or a Pigeon. We will know when he grows up. I got him today for Kessels Road, he was very cold and as a result may have a respiritory problem. He is now in the Humidi Crib and with all of our fingers and toes crossed he will hopefully get better. We have yet to name this little guy so any suggestions will be greatly appricated.
We have also inherited Two more turtles, a very large water dragon and a blue tounge. The water dragon and the turtles are all hibernating at the moment so there wont be photos of them for a while. I will take pics of Xander the Blue Tounge for my next post.
Hope you like our newbies.

Stay free